Moringa’s Miracle

Also known as the « tree of life », « purifying tree », « eternal tree  » or « the miracle tree», the Moringa tree is undoubtedly much more than just any other tropical tree. According to the Indian Ayurveda tradition, it is said that this tree could heal more than 300 diseases.

Today, its seeds are even used for their capacities to purify and clarify water, transforming water unfit for human consumption into drinking water. In order to survive, the Moringa had to become resistant to droughts in the regions in which it grows (Northeast of India—from where it originates–, Himalaya South valleys as well as many other countries on the African continent, in Asia and Latin America where it is cultivated.)

Today, Moringa oil is used as a natural moisturizer as well as to prevent skin devitalisation. Its restorative properties have been widely studied, documented and demonstrated. Light and easily absorbed, the Moringa based cosmetics will:

  • Help natural collagen production
  • Regulate the PH of the face and slow down the loss of vitamins
  • Stimulate cell regeneration
  • Repair dry and irritated skin
  • Help skin elasticity
  • Give a natural shine to the face
  • Boosts skin natural anti-wrinkle and anti-aging capacities

By cleansing the skin, the Moringa oil also balances sebum production and purifies the epidermis making it vital in the treatment of oily and problem skin…

« IDOINE brings you the miracle, the vitality and purity of the Moringa tree! »