Unique, authentic and ethical cosmetics.

Idoine is pure. Our line of products, the fruit of long research, reflects our social engagement and commitment to the creation of natural and organic cosmetics.

Refuse to let synthetic products get on your skin and change for natural and pure cosmetics that are part of a long-term health and beauty philosophy. Nature provides us with all we need to obtain a healthy and radiant skin!

The ingredients used in the Idoine line of products are all natural and organic. And we are the only brand to offer you the « Moringa miracle» in every single one of our products. We do not accept to compromise on the quality, origin and traceability of our waters, essential oils and hydrosols.

Zero chemical – No petroleum derivatives – Made in Quebec.

Anti-Wrinkle Facial Cream

With its exceptional regenerating effects, this cream smoothes away wrinkles while acting against skin devitalisation….

Face Cleanser

With its healing and antimicrobial properties, this lotion is designed for combination and oily skins. It cleanses and tones skin …

Soft Facial Scrub

While acting as a moisturizing mask, this face scrub is designed for reactive, dry and sensitive skins…

Soft Lip Balm

This lip balm deeply moisturizes lips and prevents dryness as well as acting as protection against chapping and dehydration…